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16 september 2014 - Torchwood - Now available on SonicBiro!

Deep breath screencaps

My computer is working very hard right now on the screencapping of the Torchwood episodes. All episode will be capped and uploaded one by one, starting with Series 1, Episode 1. Just a few more series and I can start crying again for Ianto.

25 augustus 2014 - Screencaps for Deep Breath - The new series premiere

Deep breath screencaps

20 augustus 2014 - Emptied homepage
The website is under new management and this means change. Not to much, but just enough to please you, our visitor, more. From now on, only big updates will show up on the homepage (things like giant website updates, series premieres, etc). I did remove the previous 'posts' because all the links in there were dead because of our new gallery system.
I hope I can please you with these decisions.

19 August 2014 - The site is now under new management
Hi, I am Rune. I'm a huge Doctor Who fan and will carry on running this site. For the past 8 years, Sharon has done a great job running SonicBiro, and I'll be very happy if I can make it work at least that good.

So I'd like to say a big enormous thank you to Sharon!

However, new ownership means new changes. For starters, we won't be available at anymore, now it's just I'll also do my best to keep the website up to date, with even some new features coming soon.

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